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Owing to its toughness, smoothness, abrasion resistance, adhesion to fiber, permeability, hairiness and compatibility with other pastes, PVA is used in the textile industry, Mainly used as textile sizing, denaturants, adhesives and other fabric treatment additives.

The purpose of warp sizing is to improve the weaving properties and to improve the look and feel of the fabric. PVA textile sizing agent is with characteristics of good adhesion, tough film, good wear resistance, non-perishable deterioration, viscosity stable after long time heating, stable sizing control, can reduce the number of broken yarn when weaving , increase weaving efficiency. Low-viscosity partial Hydrolyzed PVA is easier to affinity with the hydrophobic fibers, especially suitable for cotton, linen, polyester and high-count yarn sizing.

Low viscosity PVA can also be used alone, can be used as surface treatment additives for white fabric, dyeing cloth, printing cloth, just add a small amount of PVA, you can have a refractive and crisp surface effect.